Search Engine Tutorial for Salespeople

I was discussing the Search Engine with the author of Engineers Can Sell, Eric Bono, and he asked for an example of how it could work in his industry. (Besides a blogger, Eric is an engineer and salesperson working in the aerospace industry.)

Eric targets senior director and VP-level decision makers at global companies like Boeing, who purchase materials and new technologies used in manufacturing.

This is a step by step guide using Eric as an example.

Step 1: Start with the target company

Enter the company you're targeting:

  • You can enter multiple company names separated by commas.
  • Quotes are added automatically for multi-term companies
  • Enter multiple names to match common variations. (e.g. JP Morgan, Chase)
  • Linkedin drops off "corp", "co.", ".com" and "inc." but you shouldn't include them anyway.

Results: 25,607 (your results will vary but this is obviously too many contacts to sort through)

Step 2: Narrow down targets using the RankFilter

The RankFilter let's you narrow down your target by executive level:

Results: 5,905 (still too many)

Step 3: Use title search terms to narrow by area of expertise

Pick title search terms that apply to your target:

  • You don't have to worry about 3 letter acronyms like "CTO" as they are added for you automatically if "C-Level" is selected with the RankFilter.
  • This is the equivalent of putting a bunch of "OR" statements in the search box, your target could match any one of these terms but must match atleast one.

Results: 970

To narrow the list down to the ideal number of targets (less than 50) you should deselect some terms from the title search terms box and search again.

The term "technology" is probably picking up a lot of IT contacts that aren't needed here, so lets deselect "technology" and see the results:

Results: 211

This is a lot better and should give you an idea of the power and accuracy of using title search terms and the RankFilter to narrow down your list to the right people.

Want to try this search with your network?,Wtechnology,Caerospace,Cdevelopment...


This search brought up 300 contacts for me. I suppose my high connection count helps. Very helpful tool for people who search LinkedIn a lot.


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