Great site! Now, about that name...

Peopletoucher launches in September of 2008 amidst fanfare, public parades, generating massive media attention from international news outlets.

OK. Maybe there were no parades, media recognition or any type of celebrations but our friends and colleagues certainly think this site is cool.

We received a few emails from friends and people involved in business development. Here's a sample:

"Great site but the name freaks people out." -Keith
"That is the creepiest website name I have ever heard." -Pat
"Did you buy the domain from the Catholic church?" -Ethan

Now we have to admit naming a site Peopletoucher might invoke images of being seated across from Chris Hansen, but please bear with us.

Let's all try to act like mature adults here -- use of this site doesn't make you a creep.

Enjoy the chocolate chip cookies!


i think your slogan should be "touching people since 2008" or something of that nature.

People will soon realize that touching people is cool (and profitable), not creepy. This website is going to change American culture!

I really Believe that post, “Reply to comment | Peopletoucher.
com” was great! I personallycannot agree along with u more!

At last seems like I actuallyuncovered a web site really worth browsing.
Thanks for your effort, Jude


I was Touched.


wasn't at&t's old tagline/slogan - reach out and touch someone? people still used at&t and still do...


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